Here’s The Big Picture

There are two primary advocacy groups who care for the Chastain Park neighborhood from a resident’s perspective.

As one of the most widely used parks in Atlanta, there are several “stakeholders” in the park who lease facilities from City of Atlanta OR are departments of the City of Atlanta itself. Various Stakeholders include the Amphitheater, Horse Park, Golf Course, Tennis Center, NYO, Gym, Arts Center, Galloway School, Pool/Aquatic Center and American Legion.

Understandably, the above stakeholders each have their own agendas and operations to manage. The advocacy groups mentioned below are the best options available to local residents to maintain awareness regarding activities in and around the park. They are also the best way to make concerns known if you are a resident who is personally impacted.

  • The Chastain Park Civic Association (CPCA) was organized to promote and protect the interests of the residents living in the neighborhood pockets surrounding Chastain Park. Click Here to see a map and summary.
  • The Chastain Park Conservancy (CPC) was formed as a non-profit group to watch over and help enhance the public spaces owned by the City of Atlanta that comprise the green shaded area below. One exception is the property owned by the Galloway School.

Chastain Park Map

Getting Plugged In

  • If you are a local resident, you can sign up on the free Chastain Park Nextdoor neighborhood website. There you can view posts from residents and interact with others living near the park. Topics range from lost pets, to neighborhood events (4th of July parade) to items for sale (like amphitheater concert tickets) to security notices and neighborhood advocacy matters.
  • Both individuals and local businesses can join Chastain Park Civic Association (CPCA) and go to the monthly neighborhood meetings (typically held the 4th Monday of the month at 6:30pm). The CPCA advocates for citizen interests in the neighboring residential areas that surround Chastain Park. One of the current civic association priorities is hosting more community-building social events for the area residents to enjoy (picnics, parades, festivals, galas, etc). The rest of their efforts are spent coordinating a private patrol for enhanced security, advocating for homeowners’ rights & home values, protecting land use, staying connected with elected officials in City of Atlanta & Sandy Springs, overseeing infrastructure improvements (new sidewalks, road improvements, etc.), zoning applications, traffic calming, local development regulations, code violations and other resident concerns. The association is led by a group of unpaid volunteers who are residents of Chastain Park. If you’d like to be more involved in your community, consider volunteering with the CPCA.
  • Join the Chastain Park Conservancy (CPC) and VolunteerThink of the conservancy as the non-profit organization that oversees the City of Atlanta park facilities within Chastain Park (here is a map). “Keeping the park clean, safe and green.” is their mantra and the Conservancy is the primary fund-raising organization when it comes to park improvements like the playground reconstruction and Powers Ferry Rd sidewalk safety improvements. Without the CPC, Chastain Park amenities would be solely at the mercy of municipal funding, priorities and schedules.
  • Have children interested in sports? Check NYO out. NYO (Northside Youth Organization) has sports teams of all kinds running throughout the year. This is a HUGE draw for kids in the area!

There are so many ways to connect!